On the 22nd August we hosted another Peak District climbing trip, this time to Robin Hood Stride and Cratcliffe. Legend has it that Robin strode between the tower-like stones at either end of the tor. The rocks pose an impressive view as you trudge towards them via the cow fields in-particular Dorsal Fin stands tall with Flipper Arete (6a) visible from the stile at the bottom of the field.

Starting on The Square Block we made short work of the warm up routes along the slab side before moving closer to the central peaks of the area.

Quick pit stop
Heading to the central peaks
Warming up on the Square Block

Moving Onwards to Cratcliffe

After moving to Cratcliffe we found some amazing gems hidden in the forest. We all attempted No Hueco (6c) with an apt description “the traverse is harder than it looks” proving to be aggravatingly true!

Thank you to everyone who came. The support and spotting was ace with Robin Hood Stride and Cratcliffe earning a spot on our list of boulder areas to head back too!

T Crack left a lasting impression
No Hueco (6b)
Top spotting from the Fenrockers!

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