The snowdrops and daffodils are out and that means spring and some warmer weather is on the way. The majority of us have missed the opportunity to take advantage of gritstone this season however, there will be plenty of time to get strong for Winter trips in 2021.

Further to the announcement yesterday, we are very excited to hear that lockdown restrictions in the UK are beginning to ease and although it will be a gradual procedure, we hope to be allowed to reopen on April 12th. You will all be able to get back on the wall and start crushing the routes that are waiting for you soon. So much to look forward to in the coming weeks!

What else have we done?

Since the last blog, Zone 2 has become a ginormous blank canvas ready for the Fenrock stripes to be painted. It is an absolute beast of a wall and we simply can not wait to share it with you. The warehouse is just not the same without your vibes.

We have had a great response to the new hoodies that were launched last week, orders for the first batch of this new line will be closing at the end of February. It is great to have your support so thank you for repping us whilst we have had to be closed.

The Café…

We have also been creating a larger and more comfortable café and chill out area for you to enjoy your beverages and snacks or indeed rest between routes during your sessions. Measures to remain Covid secure are of course still in place and we will continually strive to ensure that guidelines are followed and make all aspects of visiting the centre as safe as possible.

We hope you are enjoying these blogs and don’t worry, we won’t be bombarding your inbox too regularly as lets face it, those marketing emails get annoying. However, it is great to chat about what has been happening at the centre, tell you about any future plans and this time say see you on…

APRIL 12th

Take care and see you soon woo hooooo!

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