WOW all the jobs we have been doing have suddenly come together and the centre looks like it has had a serious upgrade!

With the news of Covid restrictions potentially being lifted next month, other than keeping you updated with what has been going on here whilst closed, we thought it could be time to release a little training plan to help you get even more psyched to get back on the wall.


For those of you that haven’t been training at home and would like a little inspiration to get back on it, here is a simple regime that was put together at Fenrock 1.0 for you to adapt to suit your needs and get stuck into over the next few weeks. It is a great way to reengage your muscles and improve overall fitness without the need for any equipment. It should help to avoid too much stress suddenly being put onto your body that could result in a dreaded injury, and we don’t want that!


Press ups

  • Regular
  • Wide
  • Commando
  • Diamond
  • Raise left/ right leg
  • Offset left/ right

12 of each press up with a minute rest in between. Make sure you keep straight and try to get your nose to the floor.

Commando, keep your elbows tucked in and save some strength for the diamonds! Build up to 12, do what feels right for you and listen to your body.

Engage your core for stability when raising your legs and feel free to change the order. Save the hardest until last or, get them over with early on. Up to you!

  • Leg raise
  • Window wiper
  • Plank
  • Side plank each side
  • Mountain climber
  • Flutter kicks

12 of each leg raise. Check your form and do not let your lower back raise up from the floor. Engage your core muscles.

45 seconds of each plank. Ensure your core and glutes are locked and keep straight.

1 minute of mountain climbers and flutter kicks. Dont raise your legs too high off the floor for the kicks. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and take rest periods.


Pyramid 1-10

Start with one of each, then two, three and so on until you get to ten, then go back down again. This equates to 100 of each. If you would rather go up to 5, you will have done 25 of each in total, the 5-10 band gets really tough!

Sit up 




Take a day off working out.

Rest, restore and revive with some stretching and plenty of nourishment.




(fingers and toes crossed)

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