Eeeek we have still not run out of exciting things to tell you!

We hoped that we could get zone 2 open after lockdown and now we are pulling out all the stops to make this a reality. There is currently a huge pile of new carpet in reception, the coating in zone 2 has fully cured and…….. the mats are on their way!

Zone 2 was impressive with bare ply but now it has been fully textured and painted with the Fenrock stripes, it looks even more enticing. The climbing space features -5°, 0°, 10° and 15° faces creating some great possibilities for the setters. Combined with zone 1 the climbing space is now massive. It means less time waiting between routes and more variety of ascents. It is going to be awesome.

We have also been busy building a new surround for the existing matting, given you more space for personal belongings, have improved the lighting with more high powered daylight LEDs and finished giving the hallway, toilets and cafe a little facelift. Not to mention that the warehouse now has Fenrock written in big letters above the wall! There is so much to show you when you come back.

Sadly, its unlikely that the cafe area will be in use due to the government guidelines however, its all looking fabulous and ready for service asap.

That’s enough chatting for now, we’ve got a campus board to put up, a squat rack to build, safety mats and carpet to fit, a new wall to set oh and maybe a little climb to have if there is time.

Did we mention we’d ordered a load of new really cool holds? Ha no we didn’t but that can wait for next time. Less than 3 weeks now people… see you on the wall soon!

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