We’ve been back open for a whole month now and it has been great to see you all again and welcome new guests and members to the centre. There has ben one full reset of the wall over the past 4 weeks with a few highlight routes worth mentioning. Its been all about the purple!

Our new XCult holds arrived in week 1 and they are a fantastic addition to our hold selection. A variety of macro style jugs and slopers with fresh super grippy texture to thoroughly annihilate our fresh skin after a 3 month lockdown. Haha we all know it is worth it though!

The purple balls set in zone 4 have appeared in many of your instagram posts and stories as did the 3-4 above the fire exit in zone 3. A pretty sketchy move raising foot to hand in that position. There were some sends and plenty of bails on that one! We love seeing your progress and the fun you are having so please continue to tag us so we can share and feature them on our page too.

The squat rack arrived in the second week and is proving to be a popular addition to the gym. Thank you to everyone for tidying the weights away again after your session ready for the next folks to use. The gym is being used more and more as it develops, for building strength and for training towards goals. Also, we all know that warming up and down is important for preventing injury so high fives to those climbers who actually do this. It is so tempting to jump straight on the wall after a few shoulder rolls. I for one am sometimes guilty of this and should know better! Incidentally, the treatment room is back open for massage therapy so pick up a leaflet if you would like to get in touch and book an appointment.

From Monday 17th May, we were allowed to serve you drinks and snacks again. This potentially social aspect of the centre is almost as important to us as the climbing! Hydration and nourishment is key for training and gains. We have been looking forward to opening up the cafe again and to celebrate we have introduced some special and new protein shake recipes for you to enjoy.

Banana, vanilla and cinnamon. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium known for regulating the heart. Cinnamon also has circulatory benefits and has antioxidants known for their soothing anti-inflammatory properties. Made with almond milk, this shake is packed with carbs, fibre and a good supply of vitamins with a 22g hit of protein too.

Strawberry, vanilla and chia seeds. Chia seeds are packed with Omega 3, protein and fibre and this strawberry and vanilla protein shake made with coconut milk will keep you fuller for longer.

Chocolate and peanut butter. The chocolate, peanut butter and coconut milk protein shake is tasty. That’s about it. Haha.

If you have any recipe suggestions for us then please drop a comment below. Of course our usual selection of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and snacks are available at the counter.

It has been great to have you all back. We hope you have enjoyed this last month as much as we have. Now we just need the sunshine. Roll on the summer sends!

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