The Fenrockers Descend Upon The Roaches

Matt on Stretch and Mantel

Early April on a cold spring morning a group of Fenrock regulars got together for a quick trip to the Roaches in the Peak District. For many this was their first-time bouldering outdoors, which gave the more experienced group members a chance to lend their knowledge. To say the wind was cold would be an understatement, it was freezing! But as some of you may know cold days make for the best climbing days, especially on Peak gritstone.

After a few mishaps with parking in the wrong lay-by we all made our way to Lower Tier to see what was on offer. Starting on a some warm up slabs the group quickly made progress ticking off a few classics Stretch and Mantel, Blister Slab and Three Pocket Slab to name a few.

Moving up the slope to Tech Crack Buttress we all had some lunch while vainly trying Tech Crack Direct (6c). After admitting defeat it was onwards and upwards to the Upper Tier!

Amanda warming up with some slab work

Lunch time!

Making our way up the stone cut steps towards Upper Tier we suddenly realised with our bouldering pads on our backs we had essentially created large sails for the wind to catch and blow us around! Hastily making for the cover of the rocks and out of the now near freezing wind we set to work crushing the problems. It was great to see everyone getting involved and having a crack. Loads of top quality spotting, climbing and support from everyone on and off the wall!

The Rippler (6a)
The crew on Grooves Boulder

In closing, a big thank you to everyone that came and made the day great. It was a fantastic time despite the weather! We are looking forward to the next one!

Roaches Skyline
Blister Slab
Tech Crack Direct (6c)
Broken Wing (6c+)
Thank you everyone for a fantastic trip