“Hey, Nate and Alex here. We need your help to bring Fenrock climbing centre from Outwell to an 8000sqft unit in Wisbech. We have all the plans and the first sections of wall ready to assemble but would love to open the doors with more! “


Fenrock was founded in 2016 by Nate George since then it has grown into an incredible community of climbers and one of the Easts best climbing destinations. Alex Harris joined the team late 2018 as 50/50 partner and we now plan on moving to a HUGE site in central Wisbech.
We have secured an 8000sqft unit (we said it was huge) and have a wall ready to erect inside, however due to the scale of the project we are going to need a bit of help to push this further!


Bouldering is a form of rock climbing which will be added to the 2020 Olympics. It is climbing without ropes or harnesses on a wall that is a maximum height of 4.5m. Falls are cushioned by specialized 30cm crash mats below. It is the most accessible form of climbing for novices as there is no rope work or gear to check just a simple induction on falling and centre safety with one of our coaches.

The aim is to get from the bottom to the top using climbing holds of a single colour, you then touch the top hold with two hands and that completes a route!
Not only is it an exhilarating sport to take part in but its also a great way to stay in shape without having the monotony of the daily gym grind.
At Fenrock we cater for all skill levels with VB grades (beginner where all of the holds are positive, similar to a ladder) right the way up to V7+ where you can be literally hanging on by your fingertips!


We have been hard at work and managed to raise the capital allowing us to fully fund our move and phase one, however we would love to develop 2.0 as quickly as possible and give you guys the best experience. Check out our road map for the next 12 months below.

Q4 2019

  • Boulder zone giving 100 individual routes (slightly bigger than Fenrock 1.0
  • Reception/cafe area offering snacks and freshly ground coffee
  • Treatment room with sports massage provided by Relaxation station

Q2 2020

  • Zone 2 containing a 500sqm of climbing wall a prow and transforming zone 1 into a dedicated competition wall
  • New holds and volumes

Q3 2020

  • Training zone mezzanine including custom Fenrock woody and circuit board
  • Free weight selection
  • Yoga area
  • Warm up cycle and rowing machines

Q4 2020

  • The cave! 7m of intense steep climbing to really test that core
  • Kitchen to provide fresh hot and cold food

All of these additions will work hand in hand with our goal of not only creating some seriously strong climbers in the area but also a strong community of like minded people that love climbing.

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  1. Joe says:

    Hi guys, Joe 20 acre from Instagram here! (having a few months off from there!! Haha) How’s it all going? When do you expect to be opening? Can I help with anything?

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