>> November Update – Glow in the Dark <<

Thank you everyone who made it to the Glow in the Dark night.

September Update – Hold Types

Are you wondering about different hold types? Check out our quick guide here!

>> August Update – Fenrock Music<<

If you love what we play at Fenrock, then we have just the thing for you. We have complied our favorite playlists in a one place to make it easy for you to see.

>> August Update – Checking out Robin Hood Stride and Cratcliffe <<

Late August we decided to check out Robin Hood Stride and Cratcliffe. It was a great day with many future projects unearthed.

>> July Update – Fenrock 2.0 <<

Interested in finding out more about the upcoming Fenrock 2.0?

>> April Update – Fenrock Trip to The Roaches <<

Early April a few Fenrock regulars headed out, some for the first time, outdoors to do some bouldering.

>> February Update – UV Night <<

February UV night was a blast! Check out the photos here!

>> December Update – Winter Social Competition <<

Winter Social Comp  gallery and results