Anyone can climb at Fenrock, however only those with suitable experience and age can climb unsupervised. Scroll down for more info.

“I am UNDER the age of 18 “ 

All climbers under 18 must be supervised by an adult while at the climbing centre, unless they are pass our 14+ Assessment.

Supervision must be provided by an adult (18+) who has attended one of the induction sessions or who has registered at the centre.

“ I am bringing a group “

If you are interested in bringing a group along please contact us for further details.


“ I have NEVER climbed before ”

If you have never climbed before then you’ve come to the right place!  We offer an induction course for new climbers by our coaches. We go through the basics of climbing, centre rules and falling safely, this is perfect for those who have no experience or for those who wish to refresh themselves on climbing.

You can also be signed for and supervised by someone who has registered as an independent climber at Fenrock.

BOOK AN INDUCTION sign your Waiver

“ I consider myself an experienced climber ”

If you consider yourself an experienced climber but your first time to the centre you will just need to fill out a waiver form and pass our competency test. You can either do this in the centre on arrival.

If you are bringing a family/friend who hasn’t climbed before as long as you pass the competency test and register at the centre then you can supervise them on the wall.

Please note: For any climbers under the age of 18 we have strict supervision rules. You can view these here.

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What is bouldering?

Bouldering is a low level form of rock climbing where ropes and harnesses are replaced with safety matting. Our wall is a maximum height of 4.5 meters and provides climbs for all experience levels from VB – V7+ (font 4-7a)
The best part about bouldering is the freedom to move around the center without having to worry about ropes or finding a buddy to belay you, this makes it one of the most accessible forms of climbing and great for both children and adults alike!

What should I bring?

We recommend flexible clothing such as standard gym wear. Chalk and shoes are available to hire or you can bring your own! If you are spectating we advise a warm jumper or coat depending on the weather as our facility is not heated.

Are there age restrictions?

There is a minimum age of 8 years old. Any child between 8-16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. 16-17 year olds must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for their first visit but can climb unsupervised if experienced and competent there after. For supervision guidelines please see here.


Conditions of Use