WHO ARE WE? Fenrock was founded in 2016 by Nate George since then it has grown into an incredible community of climbers and one of the Easts best climbing destinations. Alex Harris joined the team late 2018 as 50/50 partner and we now plan on moving to a HUGE site in central Wisbech. We have secured an 8000sqft unit (we said it was huge) and have a wall ready to erect inside, however due to the scale of the project we are going to need a bit of help to push this further!

Nate George

Founder | Director

Nate started Fenrock in 2016 as a way to climb locally and hopefully develop a climbing community in the area.

“One night I had to travel over 2 hours after a heavy session to get home which with jelly arms is never fun. I started looking for a premises with the concept of being able to do what I love for a living while bringing climbing to an area that was very out of the loop.”

Favourite Climb: Gorilla Warfare / 7a

Alex Harris


Alex is the other half of Fenrock, joining the company late 2017 then becoming co-owner late 2018 his climbing knowledge goes back to when he was a doe-eyed youth. A specialist in ninja climbing, short people beta and favouring sayings such as “Just get stronger” or Just jump”.

“I never really grew out of the climbing tree phase that most children seem to. Transitioning from trees to buildings my parents’ nerves started to get a bit frayed. Luckily, they found an outlet for me and I have stuck with it ever since.
One of many things which is great about Fenrock, is the community. I love that everyone helps everyone. I’ve seen so many times two or more random strangers striking up a conversation about a route or anything really and then climbing with each other for the rest of the session. It’s an amazing atmosphere here!”

Favourite Climb: Last arête / 6b

Amanda Barrett

Sports Therapist

Amanda started climbing in 2017 after bringing her children in for a day out. Since then the climbing bug has taken hold and as well as being our on site sports therapist she also helps out with setting and front of house tasks.

“Two years later I cant imagine a life without climbing in it”

Favourite Climb: Cross Dresser / 7a